BMW 525i Parts & Accessories

Many people wonder what it's like to fly without wings. Well, now you don't have to wonder because you can actually experience it in the latest BMW 525i. This model is actually a part of BMW's 5-series. This particular model is a mid-size sedan that can really deliver a road performance so great that you'll feel you're almost flying on the open road. This experience is made possible through the 3.0L, 24-valve inline engine that smoothly delivers 215 hp throughout the car's system. There is also a great road grip because of the 185 ft-lbs torque produced by the car's wheels. The driver is also given an option the manner of gear-shifting he will use because he is given the choice between the 6-speed manual transmission and the automatic transmission. With all these superb features, you'll know what state-of-the-art-handling is.

When you drive along the road, people won't be able to resist from looking and staring because of the superb body-work on display. Smoothly flowing lines and lack of bulges are evidences of careful and precise engineering. The whole body is aerodynamically engineered for less air interference, enabling the car to show its full potential. Its outward appeal is highlighted by the metallic paint and chrome line exterior trim. The halogen headlights and fog lights situated at the front end gives full illumination whatever the weather condition may be. Convenient rain-sensing, adjustable wipers and power side mirrors are beneficial for good visibility to the driver.

The BMW 525i will make you say wow once you enter the door. Its vibrant design and spaciousness makes it ideal when you need to drive a long way for out-of-town escapades. The seats are so comfortably that you will just want to sink in it and enjoy the ride. Adjustable seats, armrests and head restrains are also some of the highlights of the car's interior. Power glass moon roof, automatic climate control, power windows, ambiance lighting, dual front sun visors and micro-filter ventilation system are evidences of BMW's ability for innovation and technological developments.

But aside from comfort and performance, BMW also take into account the security of the driver and passenger. The basic safety belts are intact together with the front airbags and the front-door mounted side-impact airbags. BMW knows all about protecting your investment that's why they have a security alarm installed in this model. Powerful braking system and adaptive brake lights are also included in the line-up of safety devices provided in the BMW 525i.

If you have the BMW 525i, you know what precision is. This car is worthy of proper maintenance and premium quality replacement parts and accessories that you can get from Parts Train. Don't miss out on the great deals and customer-friendly prices provided for your advantage.