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Look at the headlights of some well-known vehicle makes. A lot of them seem to be almost the same, save for a few unique features here and there, but basically no distinguishing mark at all. Even the grille assemblies of most cars are the same-steel horizontal lines running in between two headlamps, with the model's badge placed in the middle of the grille. But notice the difference of BMW cars. The front end design is entirely unique and you won't mistake it for any other vehicle make. Whenever you see one of the brand's car models stuck in heavy traffic, you can easily recognize it from a sea of other vehicles. The brand's design stands out from the crowd because most BMW parts can be easily distinguished, starting with the headlight and grille assembly.

First off, the brand's headlights are called Angel Eyes-and not because the lamps are sprouting extra wings. The Angel Eyes are actually lighted rings which are covered by the lenses. Because of the intimidating look the lighted rings give to the vehicle, they are also sometimes called 'demon eyes' or halo headlights. The kidney grilles, on the other hand, resemble a person's pair of kidneys with its oblong-like shape. The grilles also look like an angry person's flaring nose. So put together, the grille and headlight assemblies of BMW cars absolutely give off that intimidating vibe, like you're looking at someone who's pissed off and ready to pick a fight. Indeed, the brand's tough line of cars will crush cheaper, lesser known vehicle makes to pieces during collisions. Many cars tried to copy the brand's Angel Eyes headlights, like Lexus. But these vehicles can never fully achieve the strong look of the original. The kidney grilles were never copied because it was secured with a patent.

Since its birth in 1916, the German brand has already launched a number of vehicle models, starting from the 1 series all the way to the 7th, including the X series, Z4 Roadster, M series, and the Hybrid models which were recently unveiled in the past couple of years. Each vehicle series is considered as superior line ups that are fit for the upper and middle class only. When it comes to luxury cars, BMW is at the top of the automotive pyramid. This three-letter brand, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or simply Bavarian Motor Works, never disappears from the world's list of the most expensive and high-end vehicle makes. Its subsidiaries include the sophisticated Rolls-Royce and the Mini brand, two of the most well-known and highly profitable car models.

Most BMW accessories are sold online by various automotive retailers. There are a variety of add-ons and engine upgrades you can purchase to improve the model you have. You have to make sure though that you'll only purchase OEM parts to make sure it will fit your BMW perfectly. Check our comprehensive parts and accessories selection at Parts Train so you can enjoy huge savings today.