Audi Q7 Parts & Accessories

Who would not know the name Audi? Audi is a unique car in the big world of automobiles. This has been known to be one with prominent display of externals. Yes, ever Audi's exterior features a shape of car body that follows more than just the laws of aerodynamics. It is a conscious statement, quoting specific sources, arousing emotions and establishing identity. The exterior hints at what's inside. Furthermore, its athletic body and dynamic engine complement one another. From internal down to external features, Audi exhibit a unique sense of elegance and sophistication. Audi's success stems from unique creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. Audi listens to the desires and interests of their followers and these are the guiding principles behind the company's approach. They do exert effort and lead the way with their innovations as well as set novel standards which substantiate their brand claim of "Vorsprung durch technik".

Several years back, the company has made Quattro for their cars, but now they have made the car for Quattro - the Audi Q7. This model refines the raw power of the Quattro drive train. At home or on the road, the 7-seater is a genuine performance vehicle. Built for off-road, its wheel track, ground clearance and front and rear overhangs enable it to overcome even severe obstacles with ease. It also features new functions including the ESP off-road mode and the hill descent assistant that make driving even smoother, easier and safer. It has also the ideal ratios for smooth on and off road travel as it features 6-speed tiptronic transmission. This transmission is rated to handle high torques in order to convert engine performance efficiently into traction.

The model has also a powerful steering system. Designed to satisfy the active driver's needs at country and main road speeds, its servotronic steering is direct, precise, and responsive. And acting together with superiorly sufficient systems such as ESP and the optional adaptive cruise control, the brake system has the capacity to slow and stop the vehicle rapidly and reliably in every situation even the loads are quite severe. Plus, the axle design is aimed at maintaining a consistent level of agility, dynamism and safety at all speeds and loads on any type of road conditions to be encountered.

Also note that the vehicle's awe-inspiring maximum torque of 500 Nm is available from as low as engine speed as 1,750 rpm and guarantees optimum accelerator-pedal response and brisk acceleration in every speed range for your dynamic driving pleasure and performance. Surely, Audi, having an innovative technology, progressive design and exemplary environmental protection, will succeed and shall remain the same in the future. There is really something about Audi vehicle ownership. So keep your Audi Q7 at its best condition. Parts Train is your home of Audi parts that are built to last. Check us out and enjoy your shopping!