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Various names have emerged in the auto industry since autos were invented and each has left a mark in the history in one way or another. August Horch, one of Audi's founders, was among the many "heroes" during the early times of automobiles. His ideas led to remarkable innovations like a shock-free, two-cylinder engine vehicle, rear-mounted gear-box and OHV engine with overhead inlet valves. In 1909, he formed a new company under the name of Audi, which is a Latin translation of hi name, Horch. As the years passed, he linked forces with other auto makers, creating the Audi AG, which is now one of the largest auto manufacturers.

The first Audi top-down convertible was introduced in 1994 as the Audi Cabriolet. This car—from the body, to the wheels, interior, powertrain and suspension—conveys spottiness, luxury and elegance at the same time. It features headlights with three-tube design, double radiator grille and a unique aluminum-trimmed shoulder line and windscreen. The new four-seat Cabriolet convertible features a convenient multitronic transmission, automatic climate control system, electric windows and braking and traction control system.

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