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Highly esteemed auto designers, car and art historians, auto specialists and journalists have spoken: Audi is "World's Most Beautiful Automobile" in 2004. Once again, three cars from Audi brand group, the Audi, SEAT and Lamborghini, received the award in Italy. Also in the Auto Trophy Awards, Audi's A4, A6 and A8 models won in their respective categories. These recognitions again affirm Audi's strong commitment to develop cars not only of superior design but of great performance, safety and comfort features as well.

With a heritage that roots from August Horch's company in 1899, you can count on Audi's expertise and experience in producing extraordinary vehicles. Its diverse history, covering more than a century of the automobile history, features great number of remarkable "firsts" in the auto industry. Among Audi's technical and historical highlights are popularizing the use of front wheel drive, use of revolutionary rotary-piston engine, two-stroke and 8-cylinder engines, light weight and durable body structure and aerodynamic auto designs. One of Audi's most successful cars is the Audi 100 series, which first appeared in 1968, featuring a distinct fastback body style.

Late in the 1980's, Audi introduced a V8 version of the Audi 100, which was launched as the A8 for the 1997 model year in the United States and the 1994 model year in Europe. Soon it became Audi's flagship sedan, which flaunted the finest from Audi. From the looks and the size itself, you can tell it is a luxurious car. It combines the two Volkswagen Golf GTI engines, giving out better performance than other Audi sedans. It had an aluminum bodyshell that made it distinct from other cars of its class. Newer A8 models have larger wheelbase, providing more room for passengers and they also have more performance, safety and luxurious features.

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