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It's almost inaudible, the way it glides through roads and highways without so much as a trace of engine roar. If you strain your ears to listen, you'll probably just hear the gentle swooshing of the tires and rumbles of the lowest volume. The quiet slither of this car on the road is unmistakable. It tells you to listen as hard as you could to the sound of comfort, luxury, and excellence all in one. It also tells you to listen to your heart as it whispers that this is the brand for you, and that no other luxury car comes close. Yes, the exceptionally silent yet extraordinarily superior vehicle is none other than Audi. Its strong road performance can be attributed to more than a century of evolution and development, with Audi parts continuously being upgraded using cutting-edge technology matched with precise engineering.

This German brand's roots can be traced as far back as 1899, when its founder August Horch was driven out of the companies he tried to establish. Horch had the last laugh though because the attempts of his competitors to bring him down proved to be futile. Out of Horch's failures and business downfalls came the birth of Audi, a Latin word meaning 'listen'. The brand name is also based on Horch's surname, which means 'listen' in German. Indeed, every vehicle manufactured by the company urges you to listen to its silent yet powerful roars, a good indication that the car you're driving is of top quality and is made by outstanding car makers. Other vehicles are usually noisy and are not as smooth on the road, but not this brand. As part of the high-end Volkswagen Group's premium division, the brand follows its "Progress through Technology" company ethos to the dot. "Vorsprung durch Technik" in German, this core belief continues to drive the brand to greater heights with every automotive development.

Technology is indeed evident in every inch of this vehicle. The entire exterior is covered in tough zinc coating and is fully galvanized to protect the finish from corrosion. In fact, Audi was the first mass-market car make to launch models with galvanized exteriors. The extreme durability of the zinc-coated exteriors exceeded the expectations of the company. Hence, the manufacturer's usual 10-year warranty against corrosion was even extended to 12 years. That's how confident the manufacturers are regarding their products' quality.

To distinguish itself from other luxury car brands, Audi adopted only front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive to its models. It deviated from the usual rear-wheel drive layout used by some well-known brands, like the other German automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The manufacturers also made sure their vehicles are more lightweight compared to other cars by incorporating an aluminum space frame body to its models, particularly the A8. Want to make the model you own look better? We can help you update the one you have. Shop for Audi accessories and parts here at Parts Train! Place an order and experience luxury for less!