Acura RL Parts & Accessories

One of the common body styles used for cars, especially the modern vehicles is the sedan style. This term has been used to refer to cars including the two-door, four-door and even the fastback model or car that has a sloping roof going down to the end of the decklid. In the simplest language, a sedan car is really a passenger car. In its essence as a passenger car, the sedan has a hinged hood as well as a separate boot for cargo or luggage.

In the range of sedan body styles the Acura RL is one of the models that is the best. The RL initially stood for Road Luxury. This car replaced the Acura Legend in 1996 when it was rebadged or improved by the North American Honda Company. However, it is a fact that competition is tough in the automotive market and a lot of newer models come out each year. The capability of the RL was challenged when the competition Lexus LS came out causing the RL to drop in sales until such time that it was ultimately refurbished for the 2005 model year.

The Acura RL 2005 edition has a lot going for it in terms of handling and state of the art technology. This new Acura is has an all drive system that supplies optimum torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. The Acura people labeled this system with an acronym SH-AWD or Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive. This car operates on a 300 hp V6 engine that dispenses an admirable torque of 260 that greatly helps in excellent road handling. There is a much better grip or road stability even in fast corners. For an even improved handling, the 2005 RL is controlled by a 5-speed fully automatic transmission. Likewise, the Acura RL 2006 is also technologically packed with the SH-AWD system. This car also highlights a traction/antiskid system and headlights that are connected to the steering mechanism.

The Acura RL is really a luxury car. Aside from the excellently smooth performance, this car is filled with supplies that make it so cozy especially for going on long drives. You won't wish for anything if you have the Acura RL. And if you need quality replacement Acura RL parts, visit Parts Train where a wide variety of auto parts and truck parts is available. We have first rate car parts all at very affordable prices. When it comes to quality and affordability, we are the best place to be.