Acura NSX Parts & Accessories

Acura model line-up includes a handsome sports car called the Acura NSX. Like other performance-oriented Acura vehicles, the Acura NSX dons luxury down to its last detail. From the accessories to the exterior and body parts, wheels, lights, interior, chassis, suspension and engine, Acura's technological advancements, superb engineering and state-of-the-art design are manifested. Designed for racing applications, the Acura NSX has finest grade aluminum-alloy body, which is very durable although it weighs 40 percent less than steel chassis.

Powering this aggressive car is a 3.2 L VTEC V6 engine that releases 290 horses at 7100 rpm and an enormous torque of 224 lbs-ft at 5500 rpm. This is the first car in the US that got a Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC). This feature helps the engine to achieve maximum power output and great amount of torque. The NSX engine is matched with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission that allows excellent control over the engine's power. All engine components of the Acura NSX are put together under close human supervision to ensure perfect fit and performance. They are made of lightweight materials to keep the engine cool and safe as it revs up the car.

Large diameter wheels fitted with superior quality tires provide razor-sharp steering. The wheels, the heavy duty clutch and the excellent 6-speed gearbox all work harmoniously, providing for a smooth handling even in passing through tight corners and turns. Acura NSX's manual transmission reduces shift load almost half than the usual shift load with its dual and triple-cone synchronizers and torque reactive differential that allows excellent control over the inside wheels. A four-speed automatic transmission is also offered as an option.

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