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Luxury sports sedan market was a tough auto market dominated by prestigious European makes but Honda did not take this as an impediment to their vision of creating world-class upscale luxury cars. In 1985, Honda finally embarked on a foreign market, naming its luxury cars division, Acura. One of the first two models sold by Acura is the Acura Legend. This car was available in a four door sedan and a two door coupe in 1986. After a decade of production, it was replaced by the Acura RL. Cars sold from its launching until 1990 were equipped with a 2.7 L C27 V6 engine while those marketed from 1991 to 1995 got a 3.2 L C32A engine. Its production ended in 1995 and it was replaced by the Acura RL the next year.

The Legend proved Honda right in is decision to enter the luxury sedan market. It contended well against tough European competitors, proving that it doesn't only take prestige and heritage to be among the best in the industry. The Legend coupe was awarded Motor Trend's "Import Car of the Year" for 1987 and one of another top auto magazine's Ten Best List from 1988 through 1990. The second generation Legend, produced between 1991 and 1995, were redesigned and were far more competitive than the earlier Legends. These cars once again attest to Acura's innovativeness and super standards for luxury vehicles.

Second generation Acura Legends were larger, lower and wider. They also carried more powerful engine and more luxurious features than the previous models. A front-drive 4-door sedan was first introduced to the market and it was followed by a 2-door coupe in L and LS trims, which rested on a shorter wheelbase. All new Legends got thicker body panels, which were galvanized to protect the body from corrosion. A brawnier antiroll bars, antilock braking system, larger rear brake discs and engines using hydraulic front mounts were provided. All models were complete with convenient and comfort features. The interior was inviting and everything inside shouts no other than quality and luxury. Only the early base Acura Legend did not come with leather interior while the rest did.

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