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When the Asian Honda Motors penetrated the American automobile market using the Acura brand name, they built their headquarters in Marysville, Ohio. It is in this place that the various Acura models were produced including the Acura CL as well as the TL and Honda Accord. It is important to note that the Acura CL was the very first Acura to be built in the United States.

The Acura CL is a 2-door coupe style of car that replaced the Acura Legend in the 1997 model year. This car had a 2.2 L straight-4 engine that can produce a horsepower of up to 145. This also makes use of the 5-speed manual transmission. An optional 4-speed automatic transmission was also presented. Aside from the first mentioned engine, Honda also provided another option in the form of the 3.0 L V6 engine that kicks 200 of horsepower. When a new model was released in 1998 and 1999, its engine was made into 2.8 L. At this time, the CL had four versions namely: 2.x Base, 2.x Premium, 3.0 Base and the 3.0 Premium. The first generation of the Acura CL's size was somewhere in between the Integra and the TL. Furthermore, for the years 1997-1999 they provided a 5-speed manual transmission

When the model year 2001 came, the company presented a wholly redesigned Acura CL. Likewise in the year 2003, a redesigned Acura CL was offered as the CL Type-S. This car is a front-drive that is included in the luxury division. The 2003 CL (Contemporary Luxury) model runs on an improved 3.2 L V6 engine that can accelerate up to 225 of horsepower. Standard features that go with this new model are the front side airbags and the anti-lock all disc brakes. With the onset of improved technology, this car is now also equipped with a sensor system that can trigger the front airbags if a child or occupant is not in his proper position.

More add-ons make the Acura CL one of the great cars in the contemporary world. The owner will surely benefit from the heated seats, leather upholstery, Xenon headlights and power sunroof. All of these features will really make for a comfortable ride.

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