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The 1980's was a colorful decade that launched so many firsts when it came to fashion, music, and cars. It was an avant-garde era that produced so many contributions to different industries, many of which are now considered as classics. Some fashion pieces then even made a comeback in the recent years, like multi-colored leggings, T-shirt blouses, and purses with long straps. The 80's also saw the rise of Japan's first automotive luxury brand-Acura. This vehicle make is a classic and probably one of Honda's most successful lines. It is still considered today as one of the most high-end Japanese brands, with lots of automotive retailers jacking up costs for Acura parts.

Honda Motor Company definitely invested a lot to this luxury line because it took the company a decade of research before launching 60 dealerships in North America just to give enough support and maintain the Acura division. Since 1986, Honda has been distributing the brand across the United States, Hong Kong, and Canada under its performance vehicle line and luxury division. The brand initially marketed two models first to test the waters-the Legend and the Integra. Both models were received by the market favorably, especially the executive class, V6-powered Legend. Other Japanese brands tried to inch Legend and Integra out of the spotlight. Toyota's Lexus and Nissan's Infiniti struggled to overthrow the Honda luxury brand, but to no avail. Legend and Integra's joint sales record reached over 109,000 sold vehicles-and that's just in one year alone.

Due to its huge success, Acura even joined the world of motorsports, bagging several championships with the help of Comptech Racing. The fruitful collaboration led to several triumphs in the racing field, which include a 1992 Daytona class win and a 1993 12 Hours of Sebring class win. More than two decades after it was first launched, the brand still continues to thrive and grow its market base worldwide. It has even launched several more vehicle models for the years 2011 and 2012, starting with the 2011 RL, a V6-powered car that can reach up to 300 horsepower and equipped with an innovative collision mitigation braking system. There's also the 2011 TSX sport wagon, a 4-cylinder speed monster that features a Sequential SportShift automatic system. The brand's luxury vehicles don't stop there. The 2011 RDX and ZDX were also recently launched for easy city driving. Probably the biggest of the bunch is the 2011 MDX, an all-wheel drive, V6-powered vehicle that can accommodate several of your friends and family with its 7-passenger seating capacity. The 2012 TL, on the other hand, boasts of an aggressive yet elegant exterior with a feature called the Blind Spot Information System.

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