Car Brake Disc Sets

The best way to upgrade your vehicles braking system is to add a set of sport ges slotted or cross drilled brake rotors. Brembo and ATE produce soome of the best bolt on brake upgrades that allow you to keep your stock brake calipers and increase the braking effiiciency by up to 40%.

The gas slots in the brake rotors allow the gasses to escape form under the brake pads, thus allowing the pads to not build up a gas barrier providing a much better braking efficiency and smoother and reduced pedal effort. This also reduces the brake disc temprature, extending the life of the rotors and pads.

Cross driiled rotors provide some of the same benefits of the gas slotted, however they do a much better job of disapating the heat build up on the rotor surface. Cross drilled rotors will reduce the brake pad life, as the holes in the rotors act somewhat like a cheese grater eating away at the pads under extreme braking.