Windshield wipers is a safety equipment installed in a vehicle and is being used to wipe away any obstruction in the windshield surface especially in times of low visibility conditions like heavy rain and snow. With this wipers installed in your vehicle, you can be assured to have a safer ride on your vehicle. On the other hand, when the motor of this windshield wiper begins to malfunction, it causes annoyance and frustration for everyone inside the vehicle. Most likely, the driver loses his concentration in driving and may cause accident. Since the motor is the source of the power that manages the movement of the wiper arm each time you press the power window controls. Windshield wiper motor needs electricity to work. This is the device that triggers the mechanism that activates the gears and spurs to move the whole wiper assembly. It can be found in the base of the windshield. This motor works when the switch is turned on. With this switch, the electric energy travels to the contact pads and wires right onto the motor. One of the signs of a malfunctioning windshield wiper motor is the uneven wipes in the windshield surface. When this happens, you need to repair the motor right away to maintain the performance of the wiper assembly. Usually, the main culprit in a defective windshield wiper motor is rust, which happens when rain condenses enters the windshield and begins to attack the metal parts inside the motor. There are instances that this windshield wiper motor of your GMC vehicle cannot be repaired due to severe damage, when this happen you left no choice but to have a GMC Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement. By just browsing our online catalog, you can surely find the GMC Windshield Wiper Replacement you need. You can have your orders either through our online forms or our customer service hotline. Either way, you are assured of fast and convenient service.