The automobile windscreen or commonly known as the windshield is one of the most obvious parts of your Dodge that practically makes an automobile look complete. Just imagine if your Dodge doesn't have a windshield, so awkward to look at isn't it. The absence of the windshield does not only distort the appearance of your Dodge but it also badly affects the safety of your ride. Basically, a windshield is the front window of your car and is mounted in such location to shield the driver from the rush of air. Aside from this, the windshield also protects the vehicle's occupants not only from wind but also from extreme temperature and from road debris like dust, insects, and rocks. As you drive your Dodge to accomplish your daily routine, it is necessary that its windshield must be thoroughly clean so that you will have a clear vision of the road ahead. Any obstruction on your windshield may greatly affect your driving maneuvers. Likewise, rain must be swept away from your windshield so as not to loose track of your way. That is why every windshield of whatever type of automobile is equipped with a windshield wiper. As soon as you switch on the button to make your Dodge wiper operate, it will keep sweeping the any obstruction from your windshield. And the part of the Dodge wiper system that makes its components operate is the Dodge windshield wiper motor. Frequent usage however may cause the wiper motor to malfunction. It is also doomed to malfunction if it becomes wet where rust and corrosion may soon follow. If this situation happens to your Dodge wiper system better have a Dodge windshield wiper motor replacement. To readily provide you with high quality Dodge windshield wiper motor just log on to our online car parts store. For fast transaction of your order, do it online.