Car Windshield Wiper Motors

Automobile maintenance can be done anytime, but there are certain things that need immediate attention. Best example would be the rain streaks and dust that accumulate on the windshield of your vehicle. Since these unwanted elements can prevent you from having a clear view of the road, you can't wait for your next car wash to clear them out. You must immediately wipe them away by using your vehicle's windshield wipers. But if these car parts are virtually useless in this situation as they're not working properly, better check its components especially the Windshield Wiper Motor.

By simply converting the rotational torque into linear motion, the Windshield Wiper Motor is able to provide the power needed by the windshield wipers to move. It uses electricity to activate the magnetic fields and conductors inside it, which makes the worm gear reduction system turn. With the ability of this system to multiply the torque by approximately 50 times, there would be enough power to speed up the back-and-forth movement of the wiper blades.

But aside from conductors and magnetic fields, an electric circuit is also geared inside the Motor which is used to sense the position of the wiper and its arms. Furthermore, it maintains the power to the vehicle's wipers when they're not yet parked on the bottom of the windshield to ensure that it would continuously wipe contaminants away from the windshield glass. But if it's already on its intermittent setting, this electronic circuit works to carefully park the wipers between wipes. By doing this, you're guaranteed that it won't stay in the middle of the windshield, blocking your view of the road.

Without a doubt, this electronic device is the most important component of the wiper assembly. By providing the right amount of power to the whole mechanism, rest assured that the wipers can do their job efficiently and keep contaminants away from the windshield. But this is not only applicable for the front windshield. If your vehicle has a Rear Windshield Wiper, this device makes it work too. With that being said, if this component fails to function properly, you can guarantee that the assembly would stop working. But since it's a separate unit, you can get an aftermarket replacement to make sure that you can restore the wipers' good condition.

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