Don't worry if your windshield has a small crack since you can always repair it using a good Toyota Tundra Windshield Repair Kit. The repair kit is really useful for fixing minor cracks and chips on the windshield. The usual kit comes with a convenient injector, a special resin and several curing sheets. The best thing about a repair kit is if you execute the repair right, you won't see any trace of the crack.

Using a kit is not difficult as long as you have sufficient knowledge in DIY repair. There are people who doubt the overall effectiveness of the common windshield repair kit at first glance because the tools seem overly simple to really work. There's really no single doubt the average kit can bring your OE windshield back to its superb condition if you correctly follow instructions. One crucial thing to carry out is to apply the curing film over the resin for some time until it completely sets.

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