You won't really have to purchase a new Toyota 4runner windshield when your existing one receives slight damage. Using a high-quality car windshield repair kit is sure to get rid of the windshield problem very quickly without requiring you to spend big bucks. Using the kit is very simple thus, a home mechanic such as yourself won't have any trouble performing the repair by yourself. You'll find many Toyota 4runner windshield repair kit on the market, thus, avoid those made by questionable manufacturers.

Most Toyota 4runner windshield repair kits make use of a special resin that can completely erase little cracks on car windshields. The resin is infused into the split area and a curing patch is used to make the repair permanent. Most kits are packaged with alcohol which you can use to fully clean the damaged area of your Toyota 4runner windshield. To make sure the applied resin cures correctly, park your vehicle under direct sunlight for roughly 15 minutes.

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