Road debris has been reported as the number one cause of windshield breakage and damages, and for as long as you drive your Volkswagen on the road, there is actually nothing that can protect your Volkswagen windshield from getting damaged. Volkswagen windshields are clear and tough but once it gets damaged, it becomes ugly and unsafe for your vehicle. Further, a damaged windshield would not be able to do its function well.

The windshield is considered as the front window of the vehicle. While some old vehicles are equipped with hinged windshields, all new vehicles are equipped with stationary windshields that are fixed to the vehicle's frame by some weatherstrip material. These windshields are usually made from two sheets of curved glass with a clear plastic laminate sandwiched in between. The plastic laminate serves as extra protection, keeping the glass in place in the event of a collision.

The main function of the windshield is to protect the vehicle occupants from wind, temperature extremities, and road debris. A slightly damaged windshield can still do this function and it can be easily repaired. If the damage is major, however, there is nothing much you can do but replace it with a new one.

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