Traveling has always been fun and soothing especially if you are taking a break after long months of just work, work and work. But you cannot expect your travel to be exciting and memorable if while you were still on your way to your dream vacation your car starts to purr or your child gets in an accident because of faulty window components. This can be totally stressful for you and your car. Hence, making sure that everything on your car is in top condition is vital before you go on that long drive to your getaway.

Having top performing car components is especially important if you own a Volkswagen. This type of car is known for its slick style and good performance. So, would not want to let the car manufacturers down by not taking proper care of the vehicle. Every component whether it is the most important of the least used should be properly maintained. The window switch is among your Volkswagen components that requires regular check up and cleaning. The incidence of children being injured in window switches accidentally triggered has increased over the years. But good thing modern innovations have made these switches much less dangerous.

If you are the type of driver who wants safety and practicality more than style and modernity, then the lever switch is good for your car. Lever switches are considered to be the safest among the switch type because this switch cannot be accidentally triggered. The lever has to be literally pushed before the window will rise. However, if you are the modern type of driver who wants almost all the latest in automobiles installed in your car, the rocker and toggle switch is right for you. Make sure though that the switch is mounted vertically. This is because these kinds of switch allow the window to be pulled up and down with a single push of the button.

No matter which window switch you install on your Volkswagen, just make sure they can serve their purpose well and safely. It is also recommended that you clean the switch from time to time. This way dirt, dust and other sediments won't build up in the switch and affect its function. If cleaning does not improve the function of your window switch it is time you replace it. Make sure that you are buying the exact kind of switch as your original to be sure that it will work perfectly with your window. Also, if you remove any wires and bolts, remember their exact places to avoid mixing them up in mounting the new switch.

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