To meet the car buyer's ever-changing demands, auto manufacturers continue to find ways on how to improve their vehicle models. They introduce innovations and incorporated modern technology in the parts and systems making up their automobiles. Aside from top-quality auto parts, carmakers also make sure that their models are equipped with convenience features such as power doors and windows.

Power windows in modern vehicles today deliver so much convenience to both drivers and passengers. With power windows, you can do away with the tiring job of turning the knob in order to raise or to lower the vehicle's window because with this, you just need to press the window switch. One of the important components of power windows, the window switch is typically located near the grasp of a car occupant not just for convenience but also for safety purposes.

Among the types of window switches are lever switches, rocker switches and toggle switches. Among the three types, the lever switches are best to use because of their safety features. The lever type of window switch doesn't let the window move up easily or accidentally. With lever switches, the window glass has to be pulled up first before it will move up.

Rocker switches aren't that safe especially to children because the moment you have it pressed, whether accidentally or intentionally, the window glass will immediately move up and this can trap the head or hands of your child. But no matter what type of window switch is employed in your ride, it is important to keep it clean and properly functioning all the time. Dirt can cause malfunctioning of your ride's windows. Hence, it is significant to regularly check and maintain the window switches and make sure that they are always in excellent condition.

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