Vehicle windows are meant to serve as blockage or portal for both air from the interior and outside the automobile. Essentially, they contain the low temperature generated by the air conditioner inside the cabin, while the outside air is kept from entering. Furthermore, windows serve as auto components that provide entry for cool outside air in cases wherein the vehicle is unluckily not endowed with an air conditioning unit.

To enable the windows to become totally functional, the parts comprising its control system must all be in proper operating condition. Early Nissan models are equipped with manually operated windows which are typically manned by a lever. This lever is manually turned or pulled to either force the window open downwards or close upwards. In modern Nissan on the other hand, windows can be operated just by simply pressing a button. This button is located at areas where the driver or the passenger can conveniently reach, at each door or at the steering column. The lever and button are significantly called as window switches.

There are basically several types of window switches that a Nissan may be equipped of. There's the rocker switch which moves the window upwards when pressed on one end, and then forces the window down when the other end is pressed. There's also the toggle type of window switch. This one operates by being pulled back or pushed forward. Both are commonly used in power windows. And of course there's the lever switch of early vehicle designs and one-touch-up button switch with autoreverse sensor of contemporary creations. A Nissan can also be equipped with remote controlled windows which are matched with autoreverse mechanisms. Power windows on the other hand don't usually have such special type of mechanism despite of their being sophisticated.

In the mentioned types of window switches, only the lever type of window switch is considered safe for children. Accidents concerning the activation of horizontal toggle of rocker switch have been reported to have actually led to the death of a number of children in the past. Accidentally leaning on the switch makes the glass window to forcefully move upwards, choking the kid while having his head popped out the window.

The best that can be done in order to avoid such accidents is to never leave the children alone. And if in case the window switch of your Nissan is having trouble which you think can pose harm, immediately secure for a replacement. PartsTrain carries the best line of high quality Nissan window switches which assure you of reliable performance for you and your kids safety.