The car windows have a wonderful mechanism that makes them move up and down whenever it is needed. But did you ever wonder what components are responsible for the movement of the windows? The system that does this job is typically hidden inside the doors. The car doors and windows are wired in various ways and the wirings depend mainly on the features or type of windows employed. The basic window system is the one that lets the driver manage the movement of the vehicle's four windows and can normally lockout the controls on the other three independent windows.

On the basic window system, the power is delivered via a 20-amp circuit breaker. The said power gets in the window-switch control panel located on the door and is delivered to a contact which is positioned in the center of every window switch. Two contacts are linked to the ground of the vehicle and to its motor. These two contacts are found on both sides of the power contact. The power also flows by means of the lockout switch to a like window switch on each of the doors.

As the driver presses one of the window switches, one of those two side contacts is disengaged from the ground and engaged in the center power contact. The other contact stays grounded. This is where the window motor derives its power. When the window switch is pressed the opposite way, the power will then move through the window motor in the reverse direction. The power windows, on the other hand, work differently. Here, the power for the motor doesn't directly go through the window switches. In power windows, the switches are linked to one of the car's electronic modules.

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