For most urban dwellers, the necessity of having high performance cars cannot be underestimated. It is what transports them to their destination everyday. Whether it is to work, to family outings or to the supermarket, cars have proven their worth. But oftentimes it is the car that causes injuries to you or to your passengers. The window switch, for one, needs to be properly and carefully placed to avoid it being accidentally activated. Because there have been serious injuries that resulted from windows accidentally rolled up, it is vital that when you shop for a car or when you replace your window switch make sure that it is safe and suited for your car make.

A Mercury window switch comes in different types. There is the toggle switch, the rocker switch and the lever switch. Of these three switches, it is the lever switch that is considered to be the safest. This is because the switch does not permit the window to be lifted unintentionally. If you are using the power window, make sure that you install the switch vertically on the armrest. New innovations in power windows include a reverse feature. When there is something that jams the window from going up, it automatically overturns. This way anything that is blocking the window, whether it be a child's head, hands or any other else, would not be trapped.

The window switch just like any other part of your vehicle also wears out. If you notice that you have difficulty in lifting your window, consider cleaning the window switch right away. Take note of the places of the screws and wiring that you move. Make sure that you put them in exactly the right place. If placed incorrectly, the window can fail to function and can cause injuries to you and your passengers.

If, however, cleaning the switch does not improve the function of your window, consider replacing them right away. Do not wait before someone gets injured with your broken switch. Remember when buying a new switch though to get the switch that is similar to your worn out switch. Window switches also differ with each other depending on your car make and model. So, make sure that you check your switch's model before purchasing a new one.

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