Car windows, just like any other window, are essential in protecting the passengers and car components inside the car. It helps ward off outside elements such as rain, air, insects, dirt, dust and others from getting inside the car. For this reason, a good set of windows for your Mercedes Benz is important. But the mechanism that operates these windows is likewise vital. Installing the wrong window switch in your car could mean harm for you, your family and any other passengers in your car. For years, there have been a number of injuries that results from children getting choked after accidentally hitting the window switch. To avoid this type of accidents, it is essential to get the accurate window switch for your car.

The safest type of window switch is the lever switch. This type of switch is safer because a person will find it hard to move the window up accidentally. The lever must be actually pulled up before the window can be raised. The rocker switch and toggle switch are also used in car windows but you have to make sure that they are mounted vertically on the door's armrest. This way they will not be accidentally pressed by anyone since a simple press on these switches makes the window go up or down.

If you are using power windows in your car make it a point to add an auto reverse feature. This feature serves as a sensor that causes the window to reverse its action if it senses that something is blocking its way. This reverse action functions the same way as an elevator door which pops open when an object blocks its way. Some cars today also have power windows lockout feature. This feature can be activated by the driver on the front and rear windows making it impossible for children and passengers to accidentally trigger the window switch.

All the same, you can use any switch design in your Mercedes Benz. Make sure though that it is mounted vertically on the car door or on an upswept armrest. This way the switch will not be easily activated. If, however, the window switch hesitates or fails to work, clean it as soon as possible to avoid any accident. If cleaning does not work, have it replaced immediately. Just make sure to get the switch design appropriate for your car make and is safe for your passengers.

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