Just as a good set of car seat is important in your Mazda vehicle, choosing the right Mazda window switch is also vital. Many have died in the past from injuries involving windows in cars. For instance, a child has his head out in the window and accidentally leans on the window switch. The window moves up and chokes the child. These kinds of accidents can be avoided if you have the right Mazda window switch.

The window switch on most cars uses a really neat connection to lift the window glass while keeping it level. In power windows a tiny electric machine is connected to a gear that creates a large gear decline, thereby, giving it sufficient power to raise the window. The same connection is often used on cars with manual windows. But instead of a motor turning gear, the crank handle rotates it.

The rocker and toggle window switches are risky if they are horizontally mounted on the armrest of the door. However, the lever switch is safer because it does not allow the window to be raised accidentally. Lever switches needs to be pulled up to raise the glass. Some cars have an automatic-reverse feature. If the window senses there is something jamming it from closing it will automatically reverse and not trap the child. So, it is vital to pay attention to the location and design of the window switches when shopping for a new car.

Take note also that a grimy window switch can cause your Mazda window to refuse to go up. Cleaning it is a fairly easy process. Doing so you will not only save money from buying a new switch but you will also ensure the safety of your child or any passengers in your car. Be careful though when unscrewing the switch. Take note of how they are attached and fastened through the system. When you are finished cleaning the switch, plug it back into the wiring control and test if it works when it is turned on. This way you can be sure that you have plugged back the wires correctly, thus, avoiding the risk of disassembling it again after you have screwed it back.

But if cleaning your Mazda window switch does not work, you might need to purchase a new one. After all, you would not want to trade the safety of your passengers for an old, gritty switch. Parts Train can help you look for the right Mazda window switch. Surf through our catalog and see which window switch meets your car need.