Most of us aren't aware that our automobile's power windows can be dangerous to children. If the child put his head out of the window and he accidentally leans on or presses the window switch that's horizontally positioned on the armrest, the window will move up, and may catch the head of the child. Automotive power windows can deliver almost 80 pounds of pressure and this is sufficient to choke or break the arms or finger of the child. Because of this, consumer and auto safety groups are forcing the auto manufacturers to alter the design of the window switches in order to protect the children.

The window switch is among the components of a power window, the mechanism that's responsible for moving the car windows up and down. One remarkable characteristic of power windows is that they cannot be opened forcibly. On some vehicles, an advanced power window system is employed. In this system, the power is linked to one of the several electronic modules in the vehicle. Average cars usually contain 25 electronic modules. When you press the window switch, the module will close a relay which gives power to the window motor. Consequently, the motor will provide sufficient torque that lifts the windows up or down.

Just like other vehicle components, the window switches of your Lexus vehicle can also get dirty, causing them to malfunction. Untidy window switches can make the windows refuse or hesitate to go up. And the bad side is a replacement switches can cost more than hundred dollars. So before deciding to purchase a new Lexus window switches, try to clean them first.

The first step in cleaning the power window switch is to remove the center console and unplug it from the harness. Detach the screws that are fastening the switch to the console. Once it is free, remove the screw in the center of all the wires and carefully keep the loose switch parts in the side. See the back of the switch and clean the contact points. After cleaning the contact points, reassemble the switch, put it back to its wiring harness and test it. If it functions well, put back center console back and enjoy the bucks that you saved.

However, if after cleaning, the Lexus window switch fails to function, then you don't have a choice but to look for a replacement unit. Good thing, Parts Train is here to provide you with wide compilation of Lexus window switches where you can freely pick the unit that fits the specifications of your power windows. Parts Train is open anytime of the day to provide great solution to your Lexus window switch needs.