The Range Rover is one of the best looking SUVs we have in the market today. It is actually considered the best of its breed with all the auto parts being as it is. It has all the safety standards you will need when off-roading and the comfort and convenience one looks for in classy and luxurious vehicle. One of these is the power window system. It was in the 40's when the power window system was introduced to automobiles and since then it is one of the features buyers look for.

During the early years, car manufacturers did not have the benefit of the power window system. To roll the window up and down, they had to crank the handle which would roll the window glass. The linkage that is used for the manual and power are the same. The difference is in the small electric motor that is present in the power window. Because of this the handle does not have to be cranked. Rather, a window switch is pressed which activates the electric motor that is attached to the gears. This then will move the window up and down but only if the engine is running. It also has a lock gear that will not allow forcing of the window open.

Power window switches are located either on the door of each door, usually found near the grasp of a passenger for safety and convenience. It allows each person to tap it or be accessible to all in the center console. There are also vehicles that have the main console on the driver's side allowing him access to it. The other parts of the power window system which are the window regulator and motor are located inside the door panel so it is not visible to the occupants. The power window switch is used mainly to control the opening and closing of your power window. There are three kinds of window switches available such as the toggle switch, the rocker switch and the lever switch. They all function to activate the power window but each has a definite operation and because of that the lever switch is the one that is highly recommended for those with children. The lever switch is deemed the safest as this needs the glass to be pulled up first.

Window switches should always be kept free of dust and dirt because these can cause your windows to malfunction. Make sure you check all the parts of your window regularly and replace if necessary. Parts Train has a wide array of Land Rover Range Rover Window Switch that is made from the finest quality to ensure that you are given the best quality window switches.