You may not fail to realize it at first, but the Chevrolet Tahoe power window system does so much for you and your family's safety. Basically, every power window system includes a small electric motor which is more commonly known as the window motor. In a power window system, the window motor is the one that power the window regulator for it to be able to raise or lower the window glass within its frame with the use of a set of spur gears and a worm gear. It is through these gears that the power windows can be locked, which is what results when the worm gear and spur gears bind themselves by meshing the teeth in the spur gears.

The power window system is also considered as a vehicular safety feature, it having the capacity to stop the window glass's motion once it detects an obstruction in its path. This is designed in this way so that any child who puts his hand in the moving window glass will not get hurt. Power windows are proudly included by the manufacturers of your Chevrolet Tahoe. It is a fresh and comforting change from manually operated windows, which require a lot of effort on your part. The window regulator and the window motor are integral components of the power window system, but without the Chevrolet Tahoe window switch, there will virtually be nothing to power the entire system.

The Chevrolet Tahoe window switch is attached in the inner door panel so that the person seated very near it can engage the auto windows to close or open whenever he or she wants to. The window switch is connected to a relay that alerts the window motor to extract energy from the car battery to start powering the power window system to make the window glass move up or down. While the window motor is responsible for powering the power windows, it is the task of the window regulator to convert the rotational motion of the window motor into the linear and vertical motion of the window glass.

At times when you feel a resistance in the power window system, you have to check on whether it is the relay, the window regulator, the window motor or the Chevrolet Tahoe window switch that causes the problem. If you need a replacement on any of these parts, all you have to do is to visit Parts Train's website to get a new one. We have a wide variety of automotive products, each one guaranteed for affordability and durability.