Safety features are designed to help every driver gain better control of their car in emergency situations. Advancement in technology has made cars these days much better in dealing with circumstances beyond the control of the driver. If you own a BMW you are probably aware of the safety features it holds to enhance your driving experience. The seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brake system (ABS) among others are designed to fit your driving style and safety need. BMW has indeed been able to create a state of the art vehicle that is timeless, seamless and overall safe for every riding condition.

But one of your BMWs components that are often ignored is the window switch. Although you give enough attention to your engine and fuel system, have you ever even noticed the switches that you use and come in contact with everyday more than your engine? Maybe not often as needed because many times drivers only notice their window switches when they fail. Take note though that many car injuries today result from window switches accidentally triggered. For this reason, it is essential that when you install switches in your car door make sure that they are mounted safely and securely.

There are different types of window switches in the market today. There are the lever switches, the rocker switch and the toggle switch. For most drivers the lever switch is the safest to use because it does not allow accidental activation. In order for the window to go up the lever has to be manually activated. The rocker and toggle switch are the latest in switch technology today. These switches allow the window to be activated with just a simple push of the button. They can, however, be potentially dangerous to passengers if unintentionally triggered. To avoid such situation, it is vital that you mount the switch vertically on the armrest.

However, as your BMW ages the window switch also deteriorates. Dust, dirt and other contaminants will wear out the switch and cause it to malfunction. A faulty window switch is dangerous as it can trap a child's head or arms while playing by the window. Cleaning the switch may work for sometime but if simply cleaning the switch does not work, it is time you secure a replacement. Remember though to get the switch that fits your original switch to make sure that it will work perfectly with the window when installed.

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