There are only very few vehicles that can go without windows. One example of this is the armored tank used by the military. This kind of vehicle is specifically designed like that as a form of protection. But when it comes to ordinary passenger vehicles like compact cars, vans, SUVs, sports cars and other types, it would be hard to imagine without windows on them. Without windows it will not be very conducive to ride in them because the presence of windows helps us preserve our safety on the road. Furthermore, it allows us to see the beauty of the surroundings when driving along the picturesque route.

Because of the advancements in technology most of the cars we have today are equipped with power windows. Power windows are the kind that can be raised or lowered by means of a window switch. To most people, the power window is more convenient than the traditional window that is operated by a crank handle. Because this window is operated by simply pressing a switch you will not get tired since you won't have to exert your hands and wrist. But unlike the traditional window that can be winded up or down anytime, the power window can only be used when the engine is running. The window switch is very dependent on the electrical system made live by the engine.

The switch of this type of window can be installed in different ways. Sometimes there are individual switches positioned on every window and a set of switches at the driver's door where he can operate it. Other cars do away with the individual switches and only have the switches in one location — the center console, where it can be reached by the passengers. More and more car manufacturers nowadays place the switches only near the driver because here have been incidents of children suffocation when they accidentally pressed the switch while sticking their necks out the window. Positioning the switch near the driver is the best precautionary measure for preventing such incidents from happening again.

All modern cars including the Audi cars are equipped with power windows for convenience. The types of window switch used on these cars vary from toggle switches, rocker switches up to lever switches. Like any other car part, the window switch is also prone to malfunction. For replacement you can make use of Parts Train's services. Parts Train has a wide selection of Audi window switch that you can choose from.