Gone were the days when you have to do the actual work of winding the car windows up or down. Modern cars have done away with the hand-turned crank handle that can give so much strain on the wrist when you wind the windows up or down repeatedly. Technology has made car operations easier for us once again with the arrival of power windows. Power or electric windows are windows that can be rolled up or down by means of a switch. By means of the window switch you can easily turn up or down your windows glass without taking your eyes off the road and your hands off the steering wheel. All car windows can be accessible through the switch installed in the car. Sometimes the power moon roof and retractable sunroof can also be operated through the window switch.

In order to be easily accessed, the window switch is usually positioned in the middle of the center console. In this manner the driver as well as the passenger can operate it easily if they want to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes aside from having the window switch at the center, individual window switches are also installed at each window. This device can only be operated if the car's engine is running.

Positioning the window switch at the center console offers a lot of benefits especially in terms of child safety. There have been reports of accidents wherein a child's neck got trapped in the window because he or she unintentionally turned on the switch. This kind of accident can now be prevented if it is only the driver and the front passenger who can access the window switch control.

At present the window switches that can be found in the market vary greatly. Some of the types that you can find are the rocker switches, toggle switches and lever switches. Each of them has different features so you have to choose which one will work best for your needs.

Modern cars are already equipped with high quality power windows. The Acura models in particular are furnished with power windows that feature an auto-down/up with auto-reverse and key-off operation. If due to some elements your Acura window switch malfunctions in some way you don't have to worry because you can come to Parts Train. Just choose from our wide array of premium quality window switches and benefit from our offer of great prices.