A lot of folks take the Pontiac Sunfire window regulator for granted. It's hard to picture that less than 20 years ago, the window regulator was considered a high end item for the ease and comfort it gives to the cabin. Nowadays, most vehicles are installed with power windows; for example, your Pontiac Sunfire.

so that anyone inside the cabin can control a Pontiac Sunfire window regulator, it's linked to several switches. Normally, the interior of the driver's door will be lined with four or even more switches: one per window regulator on each window. Along with the ease of rasing and lowering a window electronically, the regulators and switches grants the driver total control over all window movement in the vehicle. Every single door of your Pontiac Sunfire is even fitted with a switch that controls its particular window, allowing passengers to adjust their windows without having to prompt the driver.

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