Everyone would object to having a car that does not have windows. This is because in spite of the air conditioning system it is equipped with, the result would still be claustrophobia and suffocation for the unassuming car passenger. If the windows do not have the capability of being opened and closed either, what good would they serve except for sight-seeing? They are called windows because of the simple fact that they are small openings that exist for the purpose of ventilation.
It is true that most people, especially those in the city, do not open their car windows much. This is because of the fact that they do not want to have to inhale the polluted air that permeates the city. This does not mean, however, that they do not need windows that could be opened or closed. From time to time, they like having bursts of cool air that could only come through these small vents.
This is the purpose window regulators have — they control the upward and downward motion of car windows whenever they are lowered or locked close. Pontiac window regulators in particular do this role for Pontiac vehicles. They are the ones responsible both for the opening and closing of Pontiac car windows.
Pontiac windows are a perfect match for the Pontiac cars which they are part of. They stand for what Pontiac vehicles are known for — competence, which they both have proven though the years.
Pontiac window regulators are the ones which power an ultimately significant task. Their genuine quality makes them efficient enough to serve the Pontiac car and its owner for a good amount of time.