Ever wondered what keeps your Mazda power windows moving up and down? Power windows have window regulator that does the work for you. It converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear or vertical motion of the power windows so you don't have to manually open and close them. Some power windows only have automatic-up feature while some are operated through a key in the door lock.

Whatever kind of power windows your Mazda has, its primary feature is it cannot be forced open. It is because the window regulator has worm gear that has a self-locking feature. It is only the worm that can spin the gear, thereby creating friction between the teeth causing the gears to bind. This linkage is connected the bar that holds the bottom of the window. At one end of the bar, there is a large plate with teeth that engage the gear. The same mechanism works with a manual window, only that a crack handle is used to turn the gear.

The window regulator has a motor that takes charge of turning the gear and thus, moving the window up and down. Without the window regulator, the power windows can't function on its own. Thus, when your Mazda's power windows aren't working, there's probably a problem with the window regulator. Replace them right away to make your ride comfortable and safe once again. Get only top quality replacement window regulator for a dependable car such as Mazda because your car certainly deserves the finest and most durable auto replacement parts and of course, you deserve the best too.