One of the most sought after automatic features that would be buyers look for is the power window system. With the automatic feature you do not have to crank the handle in order to roll down the window. All you have to do is push the button and your window will go up or down depending on the direction needed. This system makes the ride so much easier and more comfortable. It makes a lot of things more efficient because you can easily make contact with another person like when on a drive-thru or paying somebody.

The heart of the power window system is its lifting mechanism. In order to be ale to do that, there are several components that help each other out. These components are the small electric motor, window motor switch, and the window regulator. The window motor is electrically generated and triggers the mechanism to activate the gears or spurs to raise or lower the window glass. As the worm spins the gear, friction between the teeth is created causing the gears to bind. In this way the worm gears lock by themselves so the power windows cannot be opened forcibly. The window switch is the button you pushed in order to activate the power window system. When the switch is pressed it will send an electric current is sent to the window motor that will move the window up or down. It is located near the grasp of the passenger on the door and may either be a toggle, rocker or a lever switch.

The last component located between the door and the panel is the scissor-like mechanism that makes the window goes up and down at a push of a button by converting the rotary motion of the motor into the linear and vertical movement of the power window. The main difference with the manual window is that you do not have to crank the handle to move the window glass. The window regulators use tough cables and drive gears in order to do its function.

The daily wear and tear can cause the regulator to malfunction. It can sometimes freeze up or get clogged with dirt and other harm causing debris that can cause your power window system to malfunction. Moisture can seep through the door panels and the window regulator becomes vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. For superior quality aftermarket parts including a Kia Sportage Window Regulator then get one from Parts Train. You could avail of great deals and discounts at Parts Train as well as auto parts that have passed strict quality tests to ensure its reliability and durability.