Are you having problems with your manual or power windows? Is a screeching or shrieking noise produced every time you open or close the window? Or how about having your window glass getting stuck and can no longer be operated? If you answered yes then you might want to take a look on your car's window regulator. All windows are equipped with window regulators to enable the window glass be moved up or down. Window regulators like the Hummer window regulator are responsible for the window glass' winding mechanism. It can either be manual (hand cranked) or power (electric).

Manually operated window regulators are control by having someone rotate the hand crank to adjust the window glass into the desired position. When the hand crank is rotated, the sector gear now allows a pair of arms to spin which then raises the window carrier and the glass fixed on it. This kind of mechanism needs enough power from the "window winder" to operate. Aside from being tiresome, it is also considered as inappropriate especially when the vehicle is equipped with great features. A power window regulator on the other hand is one that makes use of a small electric motor inside the door. This motor turns the crank which then raises the window glass through the window regulator.

Since every vehicle is comprised of devices that enable the driver or the passengers to have control over various components of that vehicle, then it would just be proper to make sure that these devices stay in good working condition. One good illustration of this is the window mechanism that is operated by the window regulator. Without the latter or having a defective one would make it impossible for you to raise or lower the windows. It would also be unsafe for you to just leave your vehicle anywhere if it is stuck-open, and very inconvenient for you to pay tolls, order from drive-thru restaurants or even go for fresh air if it is stuck closed.

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