Geo window regulators, as well as their motors that are concealed within the vehicle doors, are the mechanisms responsible for raising and lowering the windows of your automobile. Since they don't affect the performance of the vehicle, window regulators are among the underrated and neglected automobile components. But the fact that we use our windows too often makes the window regulators among the most frequently used parts in any automobile. This can also be the reason why it can be considered as one of the necessary contraptions any vehicle should have.

Automotive window regulators are basically categorized into two — the manual window regulators and the power window regulators. Both types have the same job and that is to lift up or move down the windows of your car. The difference between them lies on the process of doing their task. With manual window regulators, you need to crank the handle manually and exert an effort to be able to raise or lower the car windows. For power window regulators, on the other hand, the process is conducted electronically and can be done in just a mere push of a button or switch.

But since they are used over and over again, your Geo window regulators are also subject to excessive tear and wear that can possibly lead to breakage and serious damage. And sometimes, this mechanism just gives up and breakdown, making you trapped in a car window can't be opened or closed. Among the causes of window regulator's failure are defective window track, too much strain or breakage, worn out or dated cable lines and pulley and many others. It goes without saying that the quality of material used and the design of the component is very significant to the consistency of your window regulator.

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