Most of the cars nowadays are equipped with power windows, doors and locks. This is because man's needs have gone higher too. Electric powered equipments are no longer considered as luxury but essential to the vehicle. Thus, when you encounter problems on these parts, you feel like your car is incomplete and you can't drive it. One of the most irritating problems in your car would be busted power windows. It's so annoying when your windows got stuck and can't be closed rendering your air conditioning useless.

What could be the problem of your power windows? Take a look at the window regulator. It is the one in charge of opening and closing the car windows. It works by converting rotary motion of the motor into linear or vertical movement of the power windows. The reason why you cannot forcibly open or close the power windows is that the gears in the window regulator lock themselves as they spin. A worm gear spins the spur gears, creating friction that binds them.

A problem on the window regulator could mean discomfort on your part. Your windows cannot be left open because it would not only make your air conditioning futile but it places yourself and your car at risk, especially when you have no choice but to leave your car in a parking lot. If in the case that your windows are locked close due to a defective window regulator, it likewise feels so uncomfortable. It feels like being locked inside the car and you cannot see clearly the sceneries as you drive, especially when your windows are tinted.

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