What part of a Chevy vehicle do you think is responsible in making your car windows go up and down? Well, a Chevy vehicle and other cars on the road have window regulators. Window regulators come in two kinds: the manual window regulator and the power window regulator. In the early days, cars are equipped with a manual window regulator which is a hassle or really annoying for they have to exert an effort before they can move their car windows up and down. Fortunately, nowadays, most cars are infused with power window regulators, with just one click, you'll be able to move your car windows up and down.

A window regulator is comprised of numerous components. This includes a worm gear and a combination of spur gears, a mechanical plate, and a linkage. The one that supports the window is the linkage; the one responsible in moving the window up and down is actually the mechanical plate. The correct movement of the mechanical plate is controlled by the worm gear-spur gears combination.

Window regulators also come in three basic styles. The scissors style that has been the favorite during the first few years of auto industry, and up to the 80s. The bowden cable style used in Cadillacs, Lincolns, Chevy pickups and Chryslers and the goldie cable style which is used mostly in Jeep vehicles.

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