Most luxury cars like the Audi cars come equipped with power windows. These power windows are much easier to open or close than the manually operated ones because of the window regulators and window motor. Window regulators like the Audi window regulator is a power window component designed to convert the rotary motion of the motor into linear and vertical movement of the power windows, thus responsible for the going up or down of the window. A power window system is comprised of several components such as the electric motor, worm gear, and many spur gears that generate enough torque to lift or lower the window. As the worm gears spin the spur gears, a friction between the teeth is created causing the gears to bind, and consequently makes it hard to forcibly open the window.

Ensuring that your power windows are working properly can bring so much comfort. Imagine that your windows cannot be closed because the window regulator got jammed, how can you leave your without worrying that it will be safe when you come back? Or how about your car's windows being stuck as a closed window, how can you pay the toll fees or order from drive-thru restaurants without opening the door? You see, defective window regulators bring so much hassle and discomfort, so always make sure that your power windows are in perfect working conditions.

Since power windows are most likely to get jammed than those which are not, you should be extra careful when operating it. Some causes of jammed window regulators include broken window track, ground faulty wiring, worn out weatherstripping, misaligned window, or some obstructions in the windows or doors. In case your window regulator got busted because of these factors, then you've got no other choice but to have it replaced. Looking for good quality replacement window regulators need not be a problem. By browsing our site, the Parts Train, you can definitely find one that will fit the specifications of your automobile. Check our comprehensive catalogue now.