Does your Toyota vehicle employ power windows? Majority of the latest vehicle today employs this type of car windows. Power windows has an automatic-up feature which allows the window to move by themselves, but stops from moving the window up once it senses that there's an obstruction. The lifting mechanism is considered as the heart of the power window system.

To make your Toyota power window operate, Toyota window motor is employed. This component is positioned in the vehicle's door and is typically fastened to the window regulator. This electric motor is connected to a worm gear and other spur gears to generate a large gear diminution, bringing in enough torque to raise the window.

Toyota window motor usually goes bad because of the condensation that gets into the door, causing rust to the electrical contacts in the motor. When you remove the door panel of your vehicle, be sure that the door barrier plastic is in good condition. If the said component is missing or is already torn, have it replaced after you replace the electric window motor.

When purchasing a Toyota window motor, be very sure that you order the right motor because they are different from side to side. On US made cars, the door on the driver's side possess the left window motor wile the door on the passenger side contains the right window motor. There are also various types of window motor switches. Some window motors have auto-down feature allowing the window motor to automatically go down when you press the switch for a second. Other kinds of window motor switches possess a built-in lighting system to give illumination at night.

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