If you have noticed what's common with new vehicles today, they are equipped with power windows. Take a look at your Suzuki, doest it have one? Surely it does. Well, this window car type features an automatic-up that moves the window by themselves and stops the raising when it senses a barrier. Behind the power window system is the lifting mechanism. For most cars, this mechanism makes use of a very neat linkage to possibly link the window glass while maintaining its level. This process takes place by employing a small electric motor connected to a worm gear and some other spur gear to generate a large gear reduction and thereby supplying adequate torque to move the window up.

Your Suzuki window motor operates in such a way that your protection is secured. This is because power windows cannot be forced open. The worm gear is the one responsible for this locking system. It has a self-locking feature obtained from the angle of contact between the gear and the worm. Truly, having a power window in your vehicle can give you so much comfort and convenience. With this, you need not turn the window knob to open the window; you just need to press down the window switch, instead. Now you realize the advantage of automated feature that comes from the window motor.

You should not however be confused with window regulator and window motor. Just remember that that the former is responsible for rising and lowering the window glass. Both, on the other hand allow the window operation merely at a touch of the button. Hence, there is no need to manually rotate the crank handle as the window motor has been installed to activate the gears to lift and lower the window glass. Now, you should know that window motor and window regulator can freeze up or get clogged with gunk which will cause power window malfunction.

The saddest thing is that your window motor might no longer work and become hopeless. This thing is something serious since having it "futile" would mean loss of window control. Worry not however, for here in Parts Train, the solution to this problem is where to be found. Get your window motor form Suzuki and we guarantee that it will work the way it should. Mind you, this site is the place where the term quality is given fair justification. Yes, quality matters here! So look no further, start browsing our online catalog now and discover what we have in store for you.