A power window system without a Porsche 928 window motor is like a remote control having no energy packs. No more challenges in spinning the window up and down for the window motor of your Porsche 928 is electrically-generated, so once you push the button, your window can open and close without any problems at all.

If you can't look for the Porsche 928 window motor, it's the part securely affixed on the window regulator that's situated at the back your door panel. Rust and dents are just foolproof signs that the window motor of your Porsche 928is starting to deteriorate. You can see when the window motor is malfunctioning when the window slowly or even no longer opens or closes whenever you press the power window power window button. In case yours is not operating anymore, the most simple thing you can do is to just take out and mount a new window motor stock for your Porsche 928.

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