Over the years, driving has evolved from being a basic utilitarian activity in the past to being an enjoyable experience today. Whereas automobiles before were plainly and simply built, they are now elaborately and luxuriously designed, equipped with all the stylish accessories there are and all the comfort-oriented devices that make driving a lot more fun. In your Mercury model, among the most common comfort features are the power windows. These windows have been transformed from being manual to being electrically-operated with the use of your Mercury window motor.

The operation of the auto windows of the past used to take more effort. A crank handle was employed, which was used to turn the crank so that the windows can be raised or lowered as needed. Today, the opening and closing of the windows can be done with just a simple press of a button, no need for the energy-robbing and time-consuming crank turning. The window motor is connected to various gears and it supplies torque in order to move the windows.

The introduction of the window motor that paved the way to the development of the power windows bring with it more benefits aside from comfort. Power windows have a locking mechanism that makes opening them by force impossible. This feature is important if you find the need to leave your auto in a public place for quite a long time and you have valuables inside which may be lost due to theft if your auto is not well secured. With the locking device, you will be confident with the knowledge that your auto and all your important things will be safe inside it.

Unfortunately, window motors are also prone to damage. They can get clogged with particles, freeze up, or burn out. If this happens, the power windows will not move efficiently or will totally get stuck. Slow-moving windows may not be easily noticeable, but proper action must be taken before they totally fail. If you have observed problems with your power windows, check the motor for possible damaged. And if damage is confirmed, shop for your new Mercury window motor at Parts Train. We have a wide selection of auto parts and accessories which are all guaranteed of premium quality to cater to all your needs.