Can one of the best convenience features of your Jeep also provide the greatest inconvenience you can ever experience? Well, if you're talking about the Jeep power windows, it definitely can! Power windows can give you an easy access to the world outside your Jeep with just a simple touch of a button or a switch. When the feature fails, however, you'll be left with a window glass that is either stuck up or down forever. That means you can't lift the glass when it is raining or lower it when your Jeep's AC suddenly fail. A great inconvenience, right?

Your Jeep's power windows are made up of four major parts: the window switch, window relay, window regulator, and window motor. Should any of these four major parts fail or get damaged, the entire system would also fail or function poorly. But you don't have to replace each and every part each time the system fails or functions poorly. Instead, you should first determine which particular part is in need of replacement. A window that just won't move will force you to check on each and every major part. Slow window movement, however, would narrow our suspect into two—the Jeep window motor and window regulator.

The Jeep window regulator is the power window's mechanical unit. It is the system of gears and linkages that holds the glasses, allowing the system to move the glasses up and down. The Jeep window motor, on the other hand, is the small motor that drives the window regulator. Failure on the part of the window regulator may cause the window glass to move slowly or sporadically. The same symptoms may be exhibited by a window motor failure. In case of a complete window motor failure, however, the glass may simply fail to move.

The Jeep window motor and window regulator comprises the two most important parts of your Jeep's power windows. Should any of these two components fail, you'll have not much choice but to replace them immediately. Here at Parts Train, we provide you with a fast and easy way to find these two important Jeep power window components. Simply browse our complete and updated online catalog of Jeep parts and you'll easily find the Jeep window motor or Jeep window regulator that you badly need.