You never think about your Isuzu window motor until it starts acting up.  One day, seemingly out of the blue, you press the switch to roll down the window and it feels like forever until the window is completely down.  This is a great time to replace the window motor.  After all, waiting any longer to replace the window motor is like playing Russian roulette with one of your vehicles most primal safety feature.  Unlike the old windows in vehicles that were manually rolled up and down with a handle, new windows use switches that power motors.  The old windows had no safety features to speak of and could come off track.  With the invention of the power window came extra safety features to protect children and passengers.  The power window has one fall back, just like anything else that is mechanical; sometimes the motor wears down and burns out.  It's fairly easy to replace your own window motors.  You may be able to do this yourself, without the help of a repairman.