The automatic feature of the power window of your Infiniti is something everybody appreciates. You no longer have to crank the handle so you could roll down the window glass. Rather, all you need is to press a small button and the window glass goes up or down, depending on the need. And it is all because of the lifting mechanism of the power window that is powered by the Infiniti I30 Window Motor.

It was in the 1940's when the power first emerged and was introduced in almost all cars. It has become a standard feature that moves the window using a window switch. Pressing the switch sends an electric current to the window motor that will move the window glass up or down, depending on the direction of the switch. The lifting mechanism of the power window employs a very neat linkage to automatically lift the window glass while sustaining its level. A large gear reduction is necessary in order to supply the torque sufficient enough to move the window and this is given by the connection of worm gears and some spur gears. The Infiniti I30 Window Motor is attached to the worm gears. The self-locking mechanism of the gears makes sure that the power windows cannot be forcibly opened. The linkage in the manual window is the same one being used for the power window. The basic difference is the presence of the window motor that turns the gear instead of the crank handle.

On a basic system, there is a 20-amp circuit breaker that feeds the power to the window-switch panel on the driver's door which is distributed to a contact in the center of the four window switches. When the driver presses the switch, one of the two contact points is disconnected from the ground and connected to the center power contact while the other remains grounded. This supplies the power to the window motor. And if the switch is pressed the other way, then the power goes in the opposite direction.

The location of the window motor is behind the door panel, which is one of the reasons why it does not get the same attention as others. For one, if you are not visible then whatever is wrong with the part cannot also be seen. This is unfortunate because the window motor is actually vulnerable to moisture or water that seeps thru the door panel which can damage the electrical components. Here at Parts Train we have reliable and durable Infiniti I30 Window Motor that will surely make your power windows working back again.