Can you find power windows in your Honda's list of standard features? If so, then you must be very lucky. You must be very thankful too, for you will no longer need to manually crank the windows down each time you want to have access to everything outside your vehicle. With power windows, paying on toll booths or taking your orders from drive-thru fast food restaurants becomes very convenient. By the touch of a button or by depressing a switch, you can automatically lift and lower your Honda's window without having to exert any effort.

Power windows, however, are only pleasant when every part of it is performing well. But once a single power window component gets damaged or deteriorates, the performance of the entire system would greatly suffer. And what are these parts that may get damaged?

Power windows are basically made up of four major parts: the window regulator, the window motor, the window switch, and the window relay. The window regulator is probably the largest component, made up of a system of gears and linkages that mechanically winds the window glasses up and down. Powering the movement of the window regulators is the window motor, which is a small motor concealed beneath the doors of your vehicle. The window switch, on the other hand, is the user's access to controlling the power windows. This switch, in turn, is connected to the battery or to some electronic module by the window relay.

Damages on any part of your Honda's power windows can greatly affect the system's overall performance. Among the many possible damages, however, you would surely want to avoid anything that may involve the Honda window motor or the Honda window regulator. Damage on any of these two components would usually result to the slow movement of the window glasses. In other cases, the window glass would permanently be fixed in a particular position, failing to move either up or down. More than the effects of the damage, however, you'll be worried more about the price you'll have to pay to get these components fixed or replaced. The complexity of these two parts makes them more expensive than the switch and the relay.

The importance of the Honda window motor is one good reason why you should take good care of it. The price of replacement Honda window motors is another. But if the window motors of your Honda's power windows have already deteriorated, you won't have much choice but to have it replaced. And for such replacement needs, you can always trust on Parts Train to offer the best deals.