No matter how shiny and durable your window is, it's useless without a Ford Contour window motor. You can simply open and close your window in a matter of seconds as the mechanical window motor of your Ford Contour helps you in controlling your power windows efficiently, so no need to physically rotate the crank handle to pull the window up or down.

If you can't locate the Ford Contour window motor, it's the part safely mounted on the window regulator that's found right behind your door panel. You can check if the window motor of your Ford Contour is crappy when rust becomes in contact with it or if it just wears out You can tell when the window motor is screwing up when the window slowly or even no longer opens or closes as you push the power window switch. In case yours is not working anymore, the most realistic thing you can do is to just take out and install a new window motor stock for your Ford Contour.

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