Have you ever experienced driving down the highway and when you are approaching the toll booth, you tried to reach for the switch to lower your window but nothing happened? If you have, perhaps this was so disappointing since you still have to stop your car and open up the door just to pay the attendant before you go on with your trip. However, if this hasn't happened to you yet, before assuming that the window motor is not functioning, first you should check on the possibility of dirty electrical contacts. Sometimes, when the windows won't budge, the switch could be dirty and needs to be cleaned. But when you see that the contacts are clean and the switch is functioning, then it is likely that the window motor has burned out and in need of replacement.

The Ford window motor is an electric motor which is a part of the power window assembly used to control the position of the window based from the commands given by the driver or passenger. This is connected to several gears which are designed specifically for lifting and lowering the window. When this motor is not functioning properly, you may not get a response when you try to open or close your window. For sure, you are not going to be happy with your vehicle especially when you want to open your window to feel the breeze or close it during a rainy day.

So, how will you know if your window motor is not moving? First, you have to check the fuses and the circuit breakers. You have to check for power by turning on the ignition key. If the power checks out, you have to remove the liner and door panel on the offending door. Then, verify if the window motor is really defective by checking the voltage at the motor. You can use a digital meter to do this and with the switch depressed in both the up and down positions, the reading will be 12.11 volts at the back of the motor. When the voltage reading in either position is 0 or below 11 volts that indicates a problem in the switches or wiring but if it is 12 volts, this means that the switches and wirings are working perfectly and the window motor is the one defective.

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